2019: Forecasting Business Getting More Difficult Every Day


 Shared By Sarah Scott | Scott Finn & Associates

On the surface, everything is still looking good, but I’m beginning to worry, particularly about the real estate market. Let’s look at the basics: Population: Despite efforts to limit immigration, the U.S. continues to add 2.3 million to the population annually. This year, our population will top 328 million, with 42% of the increase occurring in the “big three” states – California, Texas and Florida. That’s a lot of consumers.

Employment: We are still on track to add 200,000 jobs a month nationwide. The big three states continue to account for almost half of all new jobs. The other growing states listed my book, The Great Divide, take up nearly another third. The problem is the other 35 states, including the “Trump” states, have not been able to produce jobs in a meaningful way, as shown in the pie chart, causing outmigration in those states. Goodbye Ford, GM and Harley Davidson.

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By Alan Nevin