39 Story East Village Highrise to Include Ritz Carlton

A $400 million project on 7th and Market has been approved and will include Ritz Carlton, Whole Foods, apartments, condos and offices.

The Cisterra project, which will be a very noticeable change to San Diego’s downtown skyline, is designed with two towers, one 39 stories tall that would be devoted to housing and hotel rooms, the other 19 stories, primarily for offices.

Barring an appeal to the San Diego Planning Commission, all that is left before construction can begin is City Council approval of a comprehensive agreement spelling out the terms and scope of the housing, hotel and office development. That agreement already has been approved by the Civic San Diego board of directors, which oversees downtown development.  If the council signs off, possibly in September, construction could start early next year, with completion targeted for late 2019.

In addition to a 153-room Ritz Carlton — downtown San Diego’s first five-star hotel — and a Whole Foods grocery store, Cisterra proposes 156,000 square feet of office space, 125 apartments and 59 Ritz-branded condos, and 238 public parking spaces. Integrated among the apartments will be an additional 34 units reserved for lower income renters.

The project also calls for a 6,000-square-foot public plaza at the corner of Eighth and Island avenues.


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